Feedback concerning "one design cup"

A few weeks ago, we asked the question in the room, what is the interest in a "One Design Cup". We would like to keep you up to date with the result of the survey. All in all, we got the impression that our suggestion was well received. The reaction was just as clear that a series of five regattas is a bit too much of a good thing and that it would be better to have fewer, well-attended and organised regattas than too many.

Of course, it is also important to us to deliver regattas of a certain quality level. The motto clearly applies: "quality before quantity". For this purpose we will seek cooperation with renowned clubs. Since it is relatively difficult to find an organizing club for a manageable starting field, we have decided to work with other classes if necessary.

We will extend our regatta calendar this year by another regatta over Whitsun at the CYC.

After that we will again gather feedback in a personal and broader context and then we will see if there may be more next year.

From NRW one read that it is conceivable to organize a regatta there as well. We suggest that we exchange ideas on this during the course of the season and shift the momentum to the 2021 season. Also the project "Kieler Woche" has not yet died.

Basically there are always a few events every year besides our regattas, in which one or the other Asso participates. Some examples are the Rhein Woche, the Antwerp Race, the Fehrmarn Rund, the Rundum am Bodensee, the Bol d or Mirabaud etc. Certainly it makes sense that we make arrangements and go to such regattas together with several boats.

We received the following feedback in detail:

participants: 11

More regattas at Chiemsee?

Great, I have been waiting for this all my life: 3

Good, I always try to come: 8

Two regattas are already too many: 0

Cooperation with other classes (Joker)?

I do not mind: 11

If need be: 0

I do not want to be seen with Joker sailors: 0

Other comments (selection):

"Better well organized events than too many!"

"Three additional races would probably be too many."

"Possibly training regattas / races on Lake Chiemsee for the teams that are at Lake Chiemsee anyway. ... to increase the performance density in the Asso class in the long run."

"The journey from NRW to Chiemsee is always quite long. What about an event in NRW or Holland? The match races have been very well received in our corner, unfortunately there were only a few Assos sailors present."

"Why not use the Kustermann Regatta as a prelude of a 4-day series at the BYC? [...] followed by a 3-day class regatta under the experienced leadership of Mucki Binder?"

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