Hungarian championships 2020

Luitpold, the SeidlSeals, Gerold Krause, and the new team from the YCBL came to the Hungarian Championship this year with their KreutzAsso, so that together with the 12 Hungarian teams we were 16 ships at the starting line. Some teams were there days before to do some trimming, swimming and some training trials.

On Friday evening we did the official stuff: registration, weighing and everything else that has to be done. The SeidlSeals took first place in weighing when they were closest to the target of 520kg with 519.2kg. Luitpold had been fasting for days before, but with his team he stayed below 520 kg.

On Thursday afternoon the regatta was officially opened. Thursday was also a challenge to sail with changing wind conditions. We started seven times to have three evaluated races in the end. Two races were cancelled due to lack of wind. Another two were cancelled due to lack of discipline at the starting line. The race committee did not hesitate for long and under "black flag" there were still two early starters with BFD. Well, for many it was the first regatta of the season and everyone just couldn't wait.

Luitpold achieved the best German result with a fifth place in the first race.

After that it didn't go so well for the Germans. In the evening Luitpold was eighth, the KreutzAsso 13th, Gerold 15th and the Seidler 16th.

On Friday we had good 3-4 Bft. from changing directions and with breaks in between. Three races were also started. Race number five was a very special one. After a good hour ALL ships crossed the finish line within one minute. You don't see this often and it shows how close the power density is when everyone is running smoothly.

The bottom line is that it did not go so well for us. At the end of the day Luitpold had dropped back to 12th place, Gerold was 13th, KreutzAsso was 15th and Seidler did not manage to move up from 16th place.

New day, new luck! On Saturday there were similar conditions as on the days before. With some waiting time three races could be held again. Nothing spectacular happened. No early starts, no protests, no DSQs. As if we would all take an SKS exam. Well, the final result has hardly changed. Luitpold was tenth, Gernoth 13th, Kreutzasso 15th and SeidlSeals 16th. The competition between the Hungarian teams is extraordinarily strong.

On Sunday there was no more race because there was no wind. Most of the teams already made themselves ready to leave. Gernoth struggled with a technical problem at the trailer, the SeidlSeals showed the Hungarians how to play cards properly and the KreutzAsso and Luitpold drove home in the afternoon.

The winner was Fantomasso, who fought a fierce battle with the Detre brothers on Infla Deus. The Detres gave away their lead with an OCS in the 7th race. On places three, four and five were the Csimborasszo, Peecasso and the Thomasso with 23, 24 and 25 points.

The organizing Spartacus Sailing Club did a very good job on the water as well as on land. The geographical location of the club was also convincing, as it allowed the regatta course to be flexibly laid out on one of the two sides of the lake, depending on wind conditions. The race committee worked sovereign. In the evening there was free beer every day and on Saturday evening an opulent dinner.

It was a very successful regatta and we are already looking forward to next year.

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