Kopie von Asso99 European open 2019

The German Asso99 Class Association looks back happily and contentedly on the European Open 2019, which this year was once again held at the club Seglerheim am Chiemsee from 03.-06.10.2019.

Thanks to the support of the active German sailors and the enthusiasm of many

international sailors for the fast boat, 20 teams could be welcomed at lake Chiemsee. Thanks to Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, Canadian, Belgian, American, Swiss, Hungarian and Italian teams were at the starting line. With the helmsmen Terry Mc Laughlin, Pakhtun Shah, Sam van Dormael, Zsolt Nyari, Tamas Vadnai, Mate Kakas and Andrea Farina, numerous national champions, European and world champions as well as Olympic participants and winners were on the water alongside the successful German helmsmen Leopold Fricke, Luitpold of Bavaria, Christoph Wieland and Jan-Philipp Hofmann. This resulted in 9 exciting races in varying wind conditions, where all crews had a lot of fun on board.

After the 4 days, all crews agreed: The races could hardly have been more exciting and Leopold Fricke and his crew more than deserved the victory despite a broken mast in the 7th race. Because his perfect series of 1, 1, 1, 5, 1, 1 would not have been defensible with 3 DNFs against the Hungarian Zsolt Nyari. By a lucky coincidence the crew could get the boat of aunt Berta in time for the last race. The sovereign victory of this last race definitely made the victory of the European Championship unforgettable for the crew.

The 2nd place went to the Hungarian HUN 139 with helmsman Zsolt Nyári and the 3rd place went to HUN 134 with helmsman Tamas Vadnai. The Riedl crew with coxswain Christoph Wieland was only moved to 4th place by a protest of the Hungarian HUN 134.

All this shows how close and action-packed the races on the Bavarian Sea were these days. At the award ceremony the happy and relaxed faces spoke for themselves and everyone agreed that this was one of the best European Championships of the last 10 years. The class is currently experiencing an upswing, with the Asso99 community living for their boat and class more than ever. When SHA Prince Luitpold summed up in the closing speech "that life is too short to sail slow yachts" 120 sailors were raving with enthusiasm.

We would like to thank especially Helly Hansen, who supported us 100% this year again. The second big thanks goes to the King Ludwig free beer of Prince Luitpold of Bavaria closely followed by the Wiesntische of planet 33 AG (Martin Endres). Furthermore we want to thank all boat owners who entrusted their boats to the international crews. Klaus Riedl is to be particularly emphasized as sponsor of the CA-Asso.

We would like to thank the great team from the VSaC with Rupert Schauer, Stephan Rügemer and Andreas Bodler as well as all helpers for the great organisation and care of the 120 sailors plus their relatives. The helpfulness and hospitality of the VSaC were impressive: The hot soup after the approx. 7 hours on the water, the legendary disco night as well as the excellent organisation of the 9 races made the championship a very special one.

We are all very much looking forward to the coming season and are curious to see which national and international sailors we can also convince of this fast racing yacht.

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Results: mange2sail.com

Sailing club: VSaC

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